CSMS bugs and feedback

Report a bug or something broken

If you find a bug or think something is broken on CSMS, you can report it via Service Now. We use Service Now to help us track issues and respond to the people who submit them.  

If you don’t have a Service Now account, find out how to register. You will need to give your name, work email address and your organisation’s ODS code (Organisation Code). Find your ODS code. 

You can link your NHS smartcard to your Service Now account so you can log straight in next time.

Feedback and suggestions

We want to give everyone who uses CSMS the best possible experience, so we value any feedback and suggestions for improvement that you may have. Please share these by completing the feedback form. 

Initially after launching CSMS, we will focus on any urgent system updates. We will then work through the remaining improvements, starting with changes that will have the highest impact on the delivery of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme.        

This means we may not be able to action your feedback for a while, but please be assured that we will thoroughly review everything we receive and make improvements as frequently as possible.            

CSAS manages this information on behalf of NHS England. 

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