Cervical screening (which used to be called smear test) is a test to check the health of the cervix and help prevent cervical cancer. It’s offered to women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64 and how often you are invited depends on a combination of your age and any previous test results. 

CSAS is responsible for making sure you are sent your invite letter and your results at the right time. You can read more about the cervical screening process and how it works at the NHS cervical screening pages.

It is your choice whether or not to take part in cervical screening. You can opt-out or opt back in at any time.  

How to opt-out 

Before making your decision, please read the Helping You Decide leaflet and if you have any other questions or concerns about being part of the cervical screening programme please contact your GP Practice.  

You will need to send a letter or an Informed Choice form stating you wish to be withdrawn, which must be signed by you (the person withdrawing themselves from the programme).

Write to your GP and complete the Informed Choice form 

You can write direct to your GP asking to be taken off their invite list. You can also send a completed copy of the Informed Choice form to your GP and they will submit it for you.  

Submit the online form 

If you would like to submit the completed Informed Choice form yourself, please use this form: 

You will need your NHS number.  

Opting back in 

If you have previously opted-out of having smear tests but have changed your mind, you can ask your GP to add you back to the invite list at any time. 

Further information

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