Invitations, reminders and results letters

Screening invites and reminders 

CSAS sends out screening invitation letters and reminder letters through the post to the following schedule:  

Six weeks before a patient’s test is due Invitation letter will be sent 
18 weeks after the first invitation letter, if no test has been carried out Reminder letter will be sent 
14 weeks after their reminder letter, if no test has been carried out Patient will be labelled as a non-responder and GP practices will be notified 

Patients don’t need to have a copy of the invitation letter to book a smear test. If the patient has lost a letter and is due to be tested, they can contact their GP practice for assistance.  

Results and result letters

Patients should expect to receive their cervical screening results in writing within 14 days from the date of the test being taken. 

CSAS receives electronic files containing patient results from laboratories daily.  

Depending on where the sample was taken, we send out result letters to the patient according to their result, detailing what action needs to be taken, and any repeat screenings recommended by the laboratory, as appropriate. 

Abnormal result referrals 

If a result is abnormal, patients are sent a Direct Referral to Colposcopy. The GP Practice will also be notified of an abnormal result and the Direct Referral to Colposcopy recommendation.  

Patients should contact their GP Practice or the number on the referral letter to organise a colposcopy appointment. 

Further Information

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