GP practices and primary care 

CSAS offer general support/instructions to GPs and Primary Care organisations for submitting a Cease, Defer or Reinstate request.

Submit a Cease or Defer request 

Via the Prior Notification List (PNL) via OpenExeter 

To avoid unwanted invitations being sent, GP practices should submit Cease and Deferral notifications to CSAS via their PNL.  

If the patient is not due on a PNL, practices should submit the relevant cease or defer form. 

Requirements for submitting a Cease or Defer request 

GP Practices can cease or defer screening in accordance with national guidance on ceasing or deferring.  

Submit a Reinstate request

To reinstate a patient into the programme at any time or follow up on a request to reinstate: 

Document templates 

Required document templates for use with Cease, Defer or Reinstate requests. These documents are locked and allow specific fields only to be edited to ensure they remain standardised across the service. 

Managing incidents 

If a safety incident occurs within your practice, follow the guidance as set out in Managing safety incidents in NHS screening programmes – GOV.UK ( 

General enquiries 

You can also submit the following general enquiries: 

Best practice and further information 

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